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 Main tasks and objectives of the Agency


Health compulsory insurance state agency realises the state policy to provide the availability of health care services, whose main assignment is administration of financial resources of Health compulsory insurance state agency, as well as:


-    signing of contracts with medical institutions on provision of health care services paid by the state;


-     ensuring of availability to health care services;


-     settlement of accounts for health care services, as well as medicaments anticipated for out-patient care, medical equipment and goods;


-     information of society on available health care services and procedure for receiving of them, as well as ensuring of necessary assistance for inhabitants to realise their social rights;


-     control over possibilities to receive health care services and conformity of assistance to legislation and resolutions and monitoring over spending of the state budget resources in accordance with the signed contracts;


-     financing for medical education of residents;


-    analytical work on financial and volume showings of health care services, making prognosis on the volume for health care services and estimation of the necessity for these services;


-     calculation of prices for health care services;


-     elaboration of proposals and financial calculations for introduction of new health care services;


-     execution of international contracts in the field of health care;


-     forming and actuating the rows for planned type health care service recipients;


-     collection of resources within the regress procedure for patients received medical treatment as a result of illegitimate activity or criminal offence.