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 Exclusions list

Exclusion list of services not to provided by the state in Latvia

(According Regulations No13, ‘’Health care financing regulations’’ the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia, January 12, 1999)


  • Services or expenses not covered in the contract between the Agency or Sickness fund and the provider;
  • Planned/scheduled operations if the contract  funding limits are exceeded;
  • Scheduled/routine medical assistance and examinations (including chronic illnesses) if it is not included in the physicans orders, with the exception of emergency medicine;
  • Routine dental care and dental prosthetics (except free of charge for children up to 18 years except some services such as orthodontic treatment and patients over 18 considered to be military conscripts)
  • Abortions, if there are no clinical or social indications;
  • Anonymous medical services and initiation of prophylactic measures (except for examinations for determining HIV and Syphilis infections);
  • Sexology oriented health services;
  • Alcoholism and narcotics intoxication expertise in medical institutions;
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgeries;
  • Homeopathic care or alternative medicine.