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 State compulsory health insurance and resources

State compulsory health insurance is the volume of medical assistance provided by the state, stated by the Regulations No 13 "Health care financing regulations" (hereinafter – the Regulations) issued by the Cabinet of Ministers on January 12,1999. It means that the state compulsory insures its inhabitants for receiving of fixed volume health care services.

Currently, all citizens of the Republic of Latvia and residents, as well as citizens of other countries, who have received term-residence permission, receive guaranteed medical assistance by the state.


State compulsory health insurance resources in accordance with the Regulations are formed by resources planned in the annual law "On the state budget" for the health care, which consist of earmarked part of personal income tax (28,4%) and state budget subsidy. The above stated resources guarantee the coverage of health care services within the fixed volume.


Financing scheme for health care services 2004


Payment structure of health care 2004


Service price – payment for health care services to medical institutions is settled up on the grounds of the price for a definite service. For the first time the price forming elements of services and calculation formula of service price were defined in details in the amendments made in Regulations No 13 in 2001.


Calculation formula of service price was fixed by the amendments made in April of 2001 in the Regulations No 13 “Health care financing regulations” issued by the Cabinet of Ministers on January 12,1999 and, to provide the introduction of service price, inclusion of patient payments into service price.


Health Compulsory Insurance State Agency News  (statistics - Year 2003)