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 Pacient's fees

The amount of patient fees is as following :


*    Out – patient examination  - Ls 0,50 (~ EUR 0,75);

*    A family practitioner can charge a visit fee up to Ls 2,00 (~ EUR 3,00) (home visits)

*    Diagnostic examinations for out-patient treatment - starting at Ls 0,50 and up to Ls 9,00 (up to EUR 15); 

*    In-patient treatment with referral from family practitioner –the first day is Ls 5,00 (~ EUR 8) and the following days Ls 1,50 (~ EUR 2,50) per day not exceeding in total amount Ls 25,00 (~ EUR 40,00) per case and not more than Ls 80,00 (~ EUR 120,00) per year. This amount does not include the payment for certain manipulations and operations according to the pricelist;

*    In-patient treatment in day centers (for example, the dialysis procedure) - the first day is Ls 2,50 (~ EUR 4,00) and the following days Ls 1,00           (~ EUR 1,50) per day.



           There are no patient fees:


*   In the case of emergency and intensive care, also referral is not needed;

*    For children below the age of 18;

*    In cases related to pregnancy and childbirth.


Please notice that patient own contribution or patient fee is valid only in cases if family practitioner or other service provider has concluded agreement with Agency or regional sickness funds. If the doctor is not contracted by one of above-mentioned institutions, the patient should cover all expenses by himself/herself in full amount.